Make Your Brand Bloom Online Course

Make Your Brand Bloom Online Course

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A one-month online course that will help you to develop a coherent brand around what you do.

Creating and developing a distinctive, memorable and attractive brand is super important to help you grow a keen audience around what you do. But getting it right is harder than it looks!

Hi! We're Emily and Stef. Together we run Makelight, a learning community of makers and doers all striving to make a success out of the thing that we love to do.

On this inspiring and achievable course, we'll work through what it is about you and your work that's your special sauce, and by the end you'll be in a good place to start building a brand that your community will love.

No matter what stage you're at, Bloom will help you understand how to create a brand around you and your work, no matter how small your budget.

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Starts October 2018 (or request to take it in your own time)